How to rank website on 1st page of Google without back links

How to rank website on 1st page of Google without back links

Are you facing challenges to rank your website on Google? Don’t worry more! In this article, you will learn how to rank website on 1st page of Google without backlinks. It is a well-known fact that everything on internet mostly starts via the search engines. This means that no one would ever know that you have a web site or a web page if you do not appear on the first page of the search engine whenever they look for any specific information. To make this point even stronger we can talk about that joke made by the SEO experts that if you want something to be buried so deep that no one would ever reach it, then probably you should put it on the second page of the google. Because it is very likely that no one would look past the first page of the search engines. This is how people work. They want answers and they want them quick.

This is all the more reason to be at the top of the google search results and appear on the first page of the organic search. But if you are to do this, what are the things that should be kept in mind? Another important factor is that google and all other search engines prefers websites that are supported by backlinks and they have better chances to show up on the first page of the internet. But this does not mean that you simply cannot end up on the first page if you are unable to add a lot of backlinks onto your page. There are certain tips and tricks that can make you have a good ranking on the search engine’s results page and you do not even need the help of other back links. So let’s get started with it.

Find keywords with low competition and more number of searches:

How to rank website on 1st page of Google without back links

The best way to come out of a difficult situation is to think about the solution with your own brain. You cannot always work according to what you are told or fed, that is why it is very important to sit down and think about certain key words that you think that a common average person would look for on the internet. It is always a good idea to keep it related to the post or the content that you are writing otherwise it is likely that the search engine would understand that you are merely bluffing.

There is a lot of different software that can help you find the keywords that you might be looking for. This software have so much information that they can even help you in Technical SEO Audit and tell you how are you supposed to make your website better. You can look for the key words that are searched more on the internet but that do not have enough content available and that is the only way the algorithms of google and other search engines will start considering your webpage more and more helpful and hence the ranking of your page will increase, This step is crucial and requires some time and effort. If you are able to do it then it is something that would help you to get done with the organic search problem without backlinks quite easily.

Latent Semantic Indexing:

How to rank website on 1st page of Google without back links

We have already understood the importance of using keywords in the content that you are posting in order to get good ranking on the Google’s search page and that is the reason why people at times lose their mind and put the keyword so many times in the content that they are shifter to the folder of spamming by the search engines. This is something that should be sorted with a lot of care. We have to understand that Google and all other search engines prefer the content that is authentic and new. And this is the reason one should not be copying any words or phrases from the pages with good rankings. But still you have to make sure that the relevant key word is used appropriately in your content otherwise there would be no use of optimization at the very first place. So the key is to use the exact right keyword density to get the better ranking on the search results of the organic search pages.

There is another way of dealing with this problem. That is to use certain synonyms for a particular keyword and use them in the content. This is also called as latent sematic indexing and it is a newer way of making sure that you use the key words again and again while the search engine considers you to be the relevant most links instead of the spammer.

Innovative and Attractive Title:

How to rank website on 1st page of Google without back links

The title of the page is something that is so important that you cannot simply let go it in any way. That is why people are told again and again to use the appropriate titles for their webpages and the content and blogs that they are writing. Think of something that people would want to know and write it in an attractive way so that the people would want to click it. If you are using a title that is not that much intriguing for the people, they won’t be clicking it and this will call for you to have different and attractive title to solve all the issues that you would be facing because of the lack of backlinks.

Use of Long tail Keywords:

How to rank website on 1st page of Google

People mostly use the search engine in a way to write longer queries instead of just small key works. That is what a good SEO Marketing Consultant will always have in his mind. These long tail key words that you would be using will surely get you the better ranking without the use of the backlinks because the search engine look for the exact key words in the content and then start looking for the smaller ones. And title is always the first focus. If you keep all these things in mind you don’t have to worry about the backlinks in order to show up on the first page of Google’s search results.

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