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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Services:

Are you planning to invest in online advertisement for your business? If yes then Pay Per Click Advertising should be your foremost priority because with smart PPC advertising services, you can get the most powerful leads for your business as compared to other advertising channels. For this, you need to choose a reliable PPC Agency like: 123Rankings because we can manage your PPC advertising campaigns to give you maximum conversions within minimum budget.  So, don’t exhaust your paid advertisement budget by choosing any wrong resource of pay per click services. Now, the choice is yours!

Why you should choose PPC Advertising?

pay per click advertisingNow the world has changed completely in the past few decades, the means of advertisement were also affected by this. Gone are the times when people used to read the ads in the newspapers and TV regularly. Now a day we have an easy access to the specific information that we need. Thanks to the internet revolution. So, pay per click advertising is the smartest advertisement method to promote your brand. In PPC Advertisement, you have multiple platforms like: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads and much more. The most common of all the pay per click services is the Google Ads because they produce high quality business leads as compared to other options.

All you need to know about Google Ads

ppc advertisingAs you know, Google is the no.1 search engine which is used by almost every online user. So, ads running on this platform are 100% effective because this advertising channel has massive potential. According to all experts, Google Ads always generate quality leads but you have a good budget for this advertisement because it is a costly advertising platform. Before adding keywords in your Google Ads campaign, first you need to know the relevancy of selected keywords for your business. If your selected PPC keywords are highly relevant to your ads and landing pages, then you will surely receive higher conversions. You can also create multiple ad groups in a single campaign and use specific landing page in each ad group to exactly track conversions of all ad groups and keywords. For this, you need to set up conversion tracking by adding a java script code in head section of landing pages. With conversion tracking, you can remove non lead generating keywords and consistently test new lead generating keywords to improve your campaign progress. For top 3 Google Ad positions, you need to improve quality score and also raise your bid gradually to beat competition.

Why you need to hire our dedicated PPC Expert:

pay per clickAfter reading Google Ads process, you surely need a professional PPC expert because you cannot optimize your Google Ads campaign as an experienced professional can do. So, must take help of a PPC expert to generate maximum leads without doing any blunder. In this case, we have dedicated Google Campaign Manager for you that can help you manage your PPC campaigns and give you high conversion rate on lowest budget. We have very flexible fee structure for our clients. So, if you are going to start your PPC campaigns, you can try our PPC optimization services at just one call away!

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