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The importance of search engine optimization is unarguably very high in these days when competition among the businesses is at its peak. Now a days, small business owners are looking for the right SEO consultant who can provide 1st page rankings to boost their business leads. SEO marketing is very competitive task that can perform by a professional SEO specialist without getting into Google penalty like major issues.

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seo expertOnly an experienced SEO expert can understand how to rank your small business website on top positions of Google by competing other top ranked competitors. 123Rankings is one and only London based top rated SEO marketing firm that can deliver top 3 ranking positions for your most competitive keywords because we have highly experienced SEO professionals and have untold SEO tactics to do something different from other competitors.

What do you need to know about SEO:

SEO Marketing Consultant

Whenever a search engine is used there are a lot of results that you can see on your page. All these results are generated by the algorithms that are employed by these search engines. If we specifically talk about the most common search engine Google, we will know that there are different types of results that google will display as soon as you start looking up for anything. One of the portions is completely dedicated to the links and websites who are paying google. This is the portion of ads. On the other hand there is a portion where the search results are free of cost. These are at times referred as organic search results. Although Google ads might be very helpful for anyone, getting a better ranking in the organic result page is also very important. SEO or search engine optimization is basically a set of techniques that you have to employ in order to make your page more visible in these results. Any client would be convinced enough to spend on SEO as soon as you are able to effectively convey these things to him. This is one of the most important things to do if you want your business to grow and make a place among the top SEO consultants.

Why you need SEO?

Whenever a business decides to launch a web site, its first and foremost purpose is to reach the audience that would be worthy enough for the business to grow rapidly. But how are people going to know that any such business or service provider exists in the very first place? For this reason most of the people use search engines. The most commonly used search engines are google, yahoo and Bing. All these search engines make sure that they provide their users with the best results that could answer their questions most effectively. That is why they employ a lot of features that are supposed to select the best results for the viewers. Your main idea is to understand these systems and device a whole strategy that will help you in order to make you ranking better.

But employing these techniques does not mean that you are free to add whatever content you want to. It is very important to keep the content of your website useful for the audience and keep it readable. If you do this then the search engine will automatically make the ranking of your page better. At times making shorter paragraphs make the search engines understand your content well. If they are able to understand what you have written about the chances are that they will consider you more authentic and you ranking in the organic search page will become better as well.

Why are the search engines unable to find your content without SEO?

seo marketingAlthough most of the search engines do not want to evaluate any page that has been optimized artificially but this does not mean they will choose you page without optimization. The reason is that there are a lot of websites and huge number of web pages available. In order to find your page helpful the search engine must be able to read and understand it properly. If you are optimizing the content adding the right key words, you are going to get the desired results very soon. But you should always be careful while using key words and other SEO techniques; you do not want google to think that you are a scam. It is most important to play smartly. This is what the best SEO consultants do.

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