Technical SEO Audit Service:

If you want to increase your search engine rankings then your website needs a complete SEO analysis. According to experts, your website should be perfectly optimized according to Google Webmaster standards and you can hire our reliable SEO audit service to fix your all minor and major technical SEO issues. We have brilliant experts and we offer comprehensive website SEO audit by using our paid and authentic marketing tools. You can hire our experts at very compatible SEO audit cost. During our technical auditing process, we will mention the all weak points of your website and also provide you recommendations and secret tips to rank your website within few days even on most competitive keywords because we know how to perform the World’s greatest SEO audit for 1st page rankings. Just send your website link, we will send you detailed website audit report within 24 hours!

What you need to know about Technical SEO:

seo audit serviceTechnical SEO is very crucial onsite part of search engine optimization. Without on page optimization, your website is nothing. In technical SEO, firstly you will identify the all issues of your website. For this, you can use free online software or tools but you must have a basic knowledge of website auditing process. Secondly, you will fix all crawling issues with the help of any expert developer. During onpage optimization, there are some killer SEO tricks that help your website to rank on top positions of Google in short period. No one can tell you such secrets because SEO is all about tricks. 123Rankings is always committed to deliver the right information for our users. So, we can give you some tricks that will surely rank your website. Let’s note down our killer on page SEO factors:

1: Meta Title:

Meta Title is 1st primary ranking factor. You need to creative an impressive Meta title for a page you want to rank for specific keywords. The ideal length of Meta Title is 55-60 characters. In this content length, you need to add two or three primary keywords smartly. Must avoid keyword stuffing during making of title for your page.

2: Meta Description:

This is also crucial on page factor but does not impact on rankings. You need an amazing Meta description that describes your page. The ideal length of Meta description if 155 characters. In this content length, you can use any one or two keywords and also use call to action queries to increase CTR.

3: Heading Tag H1:

This is also important SEO ranking factor. You need to adjust the primary keyword in H1 tag of page. Just doing this, you will see a boost in your organic rankings especially on low competitive keywords.

4: Use of HTTPS:

This is the latest SEO ranking factor. Now a days, Google is giving special priority to all sites that are using SSL certificate or host on HTTPS. It also increase trust rate of your website especially for ecommerce stores. So, must host your site on HTTPS.

5: Loading Speed:

Page loading speed is one of the most significant ranking factor. The overall website speed and the targeted page you are using to rank your keywords must be loaded within 2 seconds. If it takes a lot of time then it also increase bounce rate and hurt user experience. So, you need to improve page loading speed. For this, you can use Google page insights that is official tool of Google. With this tool, you can get all recommendations to fix your speed issues.

6: Internal Linking

A powerful internal linking structure helps Google Bots or crawlers to crawl all pages of your website.  So, the all inner pages including blog posts should be linked with each other. During internal linking, do not use exact match keywords because Google consider it spamming. So, you need to create a partial match anchor text that is linked with relevant or useful page for your user.

7: External Linking

External linking is process of using other external informative page in your targeted page. It also boost the worth of your targeted page for Google or other search engines. So, you need to add one external link in your targeted page that should be useful for your visitor.

8: Mobile First Index

According to advance algorithms, Google will firstly index the mobile version of your page. Make sure, the page you are targeting to rank your keywords should be perfectly optimized for mobile, tablet and all major resolutions.

Why you need dedicated SEO Expert?

website seo auditThe 8 SEO tricks we have mentioned above will surely improve your organic keyword rankings but SEO is ongoing process because your competitors are always struggling to rank on top positions. That’s why, you need to hire our dedicated SEO marketing consultant that works on your website consistently by using both on page and off page SEO techniques. Now, it’s up to you! If you want to rank on 1st page for long term period then you need to hire an experienced professional to perform this task consistently.

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